Equine Sport Solutions (ESS),
is a veterinary practice based out of Colorado Springs, promoting the pursuit of excellence in the equestrian sport.

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Horse & Rider

See pricing chart below


See pricing chart below


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Pricing Chart Horse & Rider

Performance Bell Boots

Exercise Boots Front

Splint Boots

Royal Tendon Boots

Royal Ankle Boots

Therapeutic Polo Wraps

Therapeutic Knee Boots

Therapeutic Hock Boots w/holes

Therapeutic Bell Boots

Therapeutic No Bow Leg Wraps

Royal Quick Wraps

Therapeutic Western Saddle Liner

Therapeutic Baby Saddle Pad

Therapeutic Dressage Saddle Pad

Contender II Saddle Pad

Therapeutic Mesh Sheet

Therapeutic Neck Cover

Therapeutic Turn Out Sheet

Therapeutic Exercise Sheet

Therapeutic Shoulder Guard

Therapeutic Head Cap

Pricing Chart Dogs

Therapeutic Dog Bed

Therapeutic Dog Coat

Therapeutic Dog Wrap