Equine Sport Solutions (ESS),
is a veterinary practice based out of Colorado Springs, promoting the pursuit of excellence in the equestrian sport.

All Services

General Services

· Coggins testing
· Health certificates
· Electronic dental float
ESS is a sports medicine focused practice.  We do not provide general or emergency services.  Please contact your regular veterinary care provider for assistance in these areas.

Sports Medicine Services

· Pre-purchase examinations · IRAP therapy
· Lameness evaluations · Pro-Stride Treatment
· Peripheral nerve blocking · Platelet-rich plasma treatment
· Intra-articular blocking · Autologous Cell Protein (ACP) treatment
· Wireless digital radiography · Stem cell procedures
· Radiograph-guided farriery · Mesotherapy
· Ultrasonography · Shockwave therapy
· Ultrasound-guided injections · Acupuncture
· Joint injections · K Laser Therapy
· Reabilitative Programs · Chiropractic Care Coming Soon!
  · Consultations
  · Traveling show services