Equine Sport Solutions (ESS),
is a veterinary practice based out of Colorado Springs, promoting the pursuit of excellence in the equestrian sport.

Diagnostic Imaging

Equine Sport Solutions, in Colorado Springs, is pleased to offer the best in veterinary technicological imaging. We have gone completely digital and completely wireless. You no longer have to haul your horse into the clinic to get a diagnosis.

Wireless Digital Radiography:​

Radiography, or Digital X-ray Machines, are used to evaluate bony structures in horses and have become an integral component in lameness evaluations. It is important to note that there are a variety of radiography machines used in the veterinary industry today and each of them has their pros and cons. Per client demand, the original radiograph machines (conventional radiography) have been adapted to be used in the field, however hard films must be driven back to the clinic to be processed. If the technique or image angle is not adequate for interpretation, a second trip may be required to repeat films. Even other newer versions (computed radiography), albeit much faster, still require time for processing.

Now that digital x-ray machines have become available, conventional radiography may become an imaging modality of the past. Digital radiography saves time and your money. Images can be acquired stall side, modified, and interpreted in seconds. Repeat films at different angles can be obtained quickly if needed. The images can be saved on a disc, thumb drive, emailed, texted, or sent to another computer immediately. Equine Sport Solutions is one of very few practices in the country that owns a completely wireless digital radiography machine! No more safety hazards with wires caught around your horse’s legs...or ours!



digital ultrasound machinesSimilar to digital x-ray machines, digital ultrasound machines are also considered as an advanced imaging technique. Digital ultrasound machines use high frequency sound waves that are transmitted into a particular region. When the waves hit tissues with different densities (i.e. two different organ structures), the waves are reflected back to the probe. Reflections or “echoes” are translated as an image on the monitor screen. Each tissue has a different “brightness,” which is interpreted by the veterinarian as normal or abnormal.

Digital ultrasound machines are non-invasive and particularly useful in imaging soft tissue structures like tendon and ligaments. Equine Sport Solutions can provide ultrasound capabilities stall side allowing rapid image acquisition and immediate interpretation.

Due to the advent of digital x-ray machines, digital ultrasound machines, and other advanced imaging modalities, veterinary medicine has come a long way in a short amount of time. Equine Sport Solutions strives to always offer the latest and greatest in advanced imaging.